Frequently Asked Questions


Life UK Financial gives a new and far superior way to seek advice on products and services from a range of financial and related experts. As a Life UK Financial member you can benefit from:

  • A complete and sophisticated online financial solution that dramatically reduces all the hassle, time and paperwork normally associated with making financial decisions and purchases, whilst at the same time saving money.
  • Instead of the member spending hours doing the research themselves, a Life UK Financial specialist Key Partner Adviser will research the market on their behalf, making sure that they buy the right product or service at the right price.
  • Members are able to easily keep on top of their finances by being able to talk to real people offering the very best expert impartial advice – all under one roof.
  • Life UK Financial Free membership will reduce the number of annoying sales calls normally received as the members' information is never shared with third parties. The member will only be contacted by the relevant Independent Specialist Adviser and only when required ie at the members' request or when a policy comes up for renewal.
  • Access to live and on line financial seminars and presentations.
  • Members will receive a cash reward for referring other free members.
  • Life UK Financial Membership is completely FREE. In addition to this, there are no initial upfront fees and seeking the advice of our Key Partner specialist Advisers will not cost you a penny more than going on line and trying to do all the work yourself.

How does it work?

Life UK Financial introduces its members to a panel of specialist advisers who can offer help in the following areas:

  1. Debt management and resolution.
  2. Financial Advice including investments and pensions.
  3. Insurance.
  4. Mortgages and secured loans.
  5. Personal loans and car finance.
  6. Personal Life & Health protection.
  7. Will writing and trust planning.

Plus much more including Tax Planning, Conveyancing and even estate agency.
Members who use Life UK financial services and access Life UK Financial Panel Advisers can use the on-line tools and systems to save valuable time for themselves and their advisers as well as ensuring they remain up to date and in control of their finances.


How is LIFE UK FINANCIAL different?

Life UK Financial is committed to personal service and to helping its Members get great advice when they need it. Many people recognise the need to speak to an expert about their financial needs but don't know how to go about it. Life UK Financial specialist Key Partner Advisers can help Members to decide what it is they actually need and then find the most competitive solution. By using the tools and systems on their Life UK Financial website, every Member will have vastly improved control over their finances. Life UK Financial Members should be able to see at any time exactly what they are paying for, how much they are paying and why.


Your Online Digital Filing Cabinet

This is where you can keep all of your financial planning information securely stored. When you join as a Member, it makes sense to put as much information as possible into your digital Filing Cabinet. When you need a Specialist Adviser to help you, you can simply allow them access to your Digital Filing Cabinet. This saves hours of form filling time for both you and your advisers. When products or policies are amended, added or removed, your adviser can simply update your Digital Filing Cabinet to ensure you are always looking at up to date information.

Your information is held under ultra-secure conditions only accessible to you and those you authorise on a temporary basis.


Adviser Centre

The Adviser Centre is a communication platform hosted on our website. Life UK Financial Members can log in using an ultra-secure password system and not only view the notes on each of the advisers' files with whom they are dealing, but also communicate with the adviser by e-mail, check to see that outstanding action points have been completed in real time.


Automatic Renewals

When it comes to keeping track of your policy renewals, this is the ultimate system for a stress free life. Simply enter your Insurance policy renewal dates and your mortgage review dates into your Digital Filing cabinet and then forget about them. Your Adviser will be in touch ahead of time to help you review the market and find products which will fit your budget as well as your requirements.

The Financial Auto-Pilot will make sure you never again miss an opportunity to save money!


What is a Specialist Key Partner Adviser?

Life UK Financial has developed a panel of Key Partner Advisers. Each adviser is a specialist in a specific financial area ensuring only the best advice is given.

We 'cherry pick' the very best fully independent Advisers who we feel can match our high standards. All our Key Partners have to complete a comprehensive application procedure. The Life UK Financial compliance department headed by experienced FPC123 CEMAP IFA's thoroughly review all applicants before a place is offered.

To ensure that our members receive ongoing exemplary service, successful Key Partner Advisor applicants are contracted to be fully committed to the high service standards that we expect which is detailed in our agreement with them. This is then be continually monitored to make sure these standards are consistently met.


Why is Specialist Independent Advice so important?

With so much choice and complexity in the UK financial markets, it's really difficult to compare like for like and know where to get the best deals. An Independent Adviser works on the Members' behalf to search the marketplace for the most competitive and suitable products and then makes a recommendation. The Adviser must be able to demonstrate to a third party regulator the reasoning and research behind the advice given, which shows that the recommendation was in the Members' best interests. So for example, if the Adviser has researched the market and finds that the current policy is still the best choice for the Member, then this is the advice that will be given.


Is there any pressure to transact business?

No. Each Specialist Independent Adviser provides information, quotes and advice but it is up to you to decide which financial products you require. Advisers are under a strict mandate to help members make decisions but not to make the decisions for them.


But isn't receiving financial advice through specialist advisors expensive?

You might be thinking at this point that the free membership sounds great but surely having a financial specialist doing all the work for you will cost you a lot more than going on line and trying to do it all yourself? Absolutely not! There are no upfront fees and seeking the no obligation advice of our Key Partner Specialist Advisers is also completely free (excluding fee based advice eg accounting, estate planning and conveyancing). As a member, if you subsequently decide to make a purchase, it will not cost a penny more than going on line and trying to do all the work yourself.


Will I receive annoying sales calls?

The exact reverse! Life UK Free membership will reduce the number of annoying sales calls normally received as the Members' information is never shared with third parties. The Member will only be contacted by the relevant Independent Specialist Adviser only when required ie at the Members' request or when a policy comes up for renewal.


How does LIFE UK FINANCIAL select its advisers?

Advisers who wish to become Life UK Financial Appointed Specialist Advisers must be Independent Financial Advisers who can demonstrate a commitment to quality, service and objectivity in the way they deal with our members. Life UK Financial uses a vigorous screening process relating to the experience, qualifications, systems and service standards offered by specialist independent advisers.


How can I begin to save money?

Just go to the products section and click for contact in any of the areas in which you would like to save money. It's as simple as that.


How is business transacted?

Business is transacted in the normal way. A Key Partner Specialist Adviser will make contact by telephone or e-mail in response to a request and will ensure that the members' Digital Filing Cabinet is up to date and give advice as appropriate. So if the member requires advice on a pension, they will be contacted by a pension specialist. If the member wants advice on pet insurance they will be contacted by a specialist in that field. This ensures that members are always receiving the best advice whatever their financial requirement.


Can I select a specific Adviser?

If a specific Adviser has been recommended to you or if you would like to use one of the Advisers which you have used previously (and added to your favourites list), you will have the option to request them.


Why do I need to instruct my adviser via Life UK Financial? Why can’t I just contact them direct?

All Life UK Financial appointed Independent Specialist Advisers have been asked to ensure that each transaction goes through the correct channels and is logged with Life UK Financial before they begin work. This way, LIFE UK FINANCIAL is able to assist in the tracking of the progress via Adviser Centre as well as ensuring that the correct levels of commission are returned to Life UK Financial.


Which tools & Systems will be available?

As a Life UK Financial Member you will have acess to your own back office which has the following tools & systems available to you, Financial profile, Digital Filing Cabinet, Advice Centre & the financial auto-pilot all helping to make your life easier. All the systems available to you will be explained in full during your welcome call however if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team on 0845 680 9746.


How do I make contact with an adviser?

When becoming a Life UK Financial Member, you will have the opportunity to seek assistance from one or more Specialist Advisers as part of the registration process. Later, as an existing member, you can go to the 'Get Advice & Products' section in the Life UK Financial Member's area where you can once again access assistance as and when you need it.


What Financial & Legal specialists has LIFE UK FINANCIAL appointed?

Independent Financial Advisers
Independent Pension Advisers
Independent Investment Advisers
Debt Solution Specialists
Car Finance Specialists
Mortgage Consultants
General Insurance Brokers
Tax Advisers
Solicitors & Conveyancers
Will writers
U.K & Overseas Investment Property Consultants
Estate Agents
New advisers are being appointed regularly.


Why Should I complete a service standard rating every time I transact business?

Maintaining our exceptionally high service standards is very important to Life UK. Whilst we have our own ongoing sophisticated monitoring systems, the more feedback we receive from our Members the better. Therefore the service report is integral to maintaining high service standards from Specialist Independent Advisers. Advisers know that every transaction will be reported upon and their status as a Specialist Independent Adviser rests on a consistently positive service rating. This helps protect the quality of advice for everyone.


How does LIFE UK FINANCIAL decide which adviser is assigned to each member?

Life UK's sophisticated on line system will automatically allocate an appropriate specialist adviser according to the Members' unique and specific needs. For example, if a Member needs Life Assurance, a specialist in Life Assurance will assist, or if pet insurance is required, then an appropriate specialist will be allocated.