Richard Wall

The renewal for our commercial van insurance went up from £795 last year to £1790 this year, without any accidents or claims and when I inquired why the premium had rocketed up so much, I was told it was because insurance had gone up for young drivers. The Broker informed me that they had found a better quote at a cost of £1,358, and that it was the cheapest they were able to find. Our Engineer is only 25 years old. The premiums they were asking would have meant it was no longer feasible for us to employ our Engineer. When I spoke Life UK Financial, I was called by Adrian Flux and gave them all the details, including the fact that our Engineer has two endorsements on his license (which are 2 years old) the quote they came back with was £711. Thank you so much Life UK Financial for finding us this quotation - it literally has meant the difference of Damian being able to continue to work for us and drive our van.


Hi, The feedback is good, no complaints! My kpa has always kept on top of me and tried to keep things flowing. I've been useless in getting forms filled in and sent off, I'm just unbelievably busy and work very unsociably hours! I must take this opportunity to apologise! Thanks and please keep up the great work.


As my house is unoccupied and under going rennovation, you were unable 2 quote me for insurance,the customer support was very helpful and got on the case to find someone who could,they rang me within half an hour and gave me a competitive quote which I later took up. Thankyou to all involved, great service

James Gaunt - Lincolnshire

Booked my annual travel insurance through our new key partner advisor, Adrian Flux yesterday, They were brilliant! Quick to respond and £40 cheaper than next competitor. Great start!

Nial Brogan

Well I must say Life UK Financial does work.. saved us nearly £100 on building and home insurances!!!!. I have sent recommendation emails to some of my contacts, hopefully they will start making savings too.

Thanks again

J Tanner – Kent

I saved £200 on my Insurance. Very Happy!

E. Walters – Essex

I saved £50 a month on my Mortgage x

B Mc Caig – Derby

I love using this site, it is so quick & simple!

K Jeggo – Birmingham

Great Site, Great Service

V Kelleher – Bolton

What a breath of Fresh Air!

J Mehdi – London

Finally, the service & advice I have been looking for!

Mr Peter Wright Lincoln

I just received mine back from the company with the full report and recommendations and I'm delighted with the advice I've been given, the savings I can make and also the opportunities for me to achieve greater growth on monies invested. If you've not already had yours back-the format it comes back in is very impressive...I was talking to a chap who's a financial adviser who has just joined as an associate this week and when he saw it said 'In 30 years in Financial Services, I've never seen anything that thorough and presented in such a professional way for £50'. This is what professionals feel about it.

Nial Brogan

Well I must say Life UK Financial does work.. saved us nearly £100 on building and home insurances!!!!. I have sent recommendation emails to some of my contacts, hopefully they will start making savings too.

Thanks again

J. Daniel - Kent

I saved £70 on our Travel Insurance by using a Life UK Financial Key Partner Adviser, I will make sure that I speak to a Life UK Financial Key Partner Adviser for all my insurance needs.

Lesley Byrne

I have to say I am very pleased with the level of service and advice I have received. The Life UK Financial Key Partner Adviser has been extremely helpful. Being on my own makes these things very daunting when you don't really have anyone close to hand to talk to about it.

My Life UK Financial Key Partner Adviser has made the whole transaction very straight forward. She is very easy to talk to and has made me feel very relaxed through the process so far. I will definitely be recommending your services to my friends and family.

H Redhead

My Adviser really knew his subject. I am grateful for the level of expertise and the service was really good as well.

K Moore

I got a really great ISA and wanted to just say a big THANK YOU for the advice.

Tracey Beale

I have taken out new life cover for myself and my husband. We are paying almost the same figure for 3 times more cover!. I can strongly recommend Life UK Financial.


I guess in today’s economic climate, what I was looking for was peace of mind. That is what this cover gives me at a good price. I couldn’t ask for more.


The Life UK Financial Key Partner Adviser helped me immensely through a very difficult time. I couldn’t have done without them. The guidance they provided was crucial.

M Skipper

I was interested to see if there were any potential savings I could make on my Tax payments and asked for a Life UK Financial Key partner adviser to contact me. When we went through my details, I was amazed at the different strategies available and the size of the savings were significant. I put these into place and have been extremely impressed by the knowledge, professionalism and level of service provided to me.